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Chicana Lesbians: The Girls Our Mothers Warned Us About

Chicana Lesbians: The Girls Our
Mothers Warned Us About
Carla TrujilloThird Woman Press1991

An anthology of poetry, stories, and essays that addresses Chicanas in society, culture, and relationships with other women and themselves.

Chicana Lesbians is a love poem, a bible, a dictionary, nothing so simple as a manifesto–this book is yet another reason to believe–to believe in the girls our mothers warned us about, brown girls, lesbians, making their own love poems, bibles, dictionaries, manifestoes, reasons to believe.

Dorothy Allison

When I was selling books at a Chicana conference, I noticed book buyers were literally afraid to touch this anthology. I say now what I said then, ‘Don’t be scared. sexuality is not contagious, but ignorance is.’ If you’ve ever been curious, been there, been voyeur, been tourist, or just plain under-informed, misinformed, or unaffirmed, here is a book to listen to and learn from.

Sandra Cisneros

Table of Contents

The Life
La ofrenda / Cherríe Moraga
The truth of the matter / Carmen Abrego
Lesbiana ; I believe en la mujer / Cathy Arellano
Paso a paso / Juanita M. Sánchez
Mamita te extraño / Karen T. Delgadillo
Baby dykes ; Curandera / Gina Montoya
Intentarás imponerme; Porque el sentido de la vida es la vida misma / Lidia Tirado White
La Macha: toward a beautiful whole self / Ana Castillo
La Llorona loca : the other side / Monica Palacios
Untitled / Ana Barreto

The Desire
Yeah, I want a woman like my mother because I couldn’t have her / Cathy Arellano
You as a public turn on / E.D. Hernández
Deseo; Desert sun / Karen T. Delgadillo
What only lovers / Ana Castillo
Untitled / Angela Arellano
A conversation / Carmen Abrego
Nightvoice / Gloria Anzaldúa
A love poem 1989 / E.D. Hernández
Some pain / Diane C. Gómez
If / Cherríe Moraga
Shouting your name / Carmen Abrego
La enchilada / M. Álvarez
To me and probably only me … / E.D. Hernández
Old loyalties / Gloria Anzaldúa
Amor / Karen T. Delgadillo

The Color
Voz en una cárcel / Juanita M. Sánchez
Café con leche / Martha Barrera
Trying to be dyke and Chicana / Natashia López
Beyond El Camino Real / Terri de la Peña
Half-breed / Cherríe Moraga
Gulf dreams / Emma Pérez
Untitled / Ana Barreto

The Struggle
Interview with Ana Castillo / Marta A. Navarro
Living hand to mouth; Abortion; Perverted villanelle / Marie-Elise Wheatwind
Discussion, discourse and direction: the dilemmas of a Chicana lesbian / E.D. Hernández
The flesh / Natashia López
De-constructing the lesbian body: Cherríe Moraga’s Loving in the war years / Yvonne Yarbro-Bejarano
From Between our legs / Natashia López
It’s not New York / Cherríe Moraga
Sexuality and discourse: notes from a Chicana survivor / Emma Pérez
Untitled / Ana Barreto
Chicana lesbians: fear and loathing in the Chicano community / Carla Trujillo
Los perdidos: Arturo / Marie-Elise Wheatwind
La frontera / Diane Alcalá