Feminist Theorists: Three Centuries of Women’s Intellectual Traditions

Feminist Theorists: Three
Centuries of Women’s
Intellectual Traditions
Dale Spender (eds)The Women’s Press1983

Feminism was not born in 1968. Yet the work of three centuries of feminist thinkers has been dismissed, distorted or forgotten. Even the names of many of them remain unfamiliar, and few have so much as a mention in history books. Feminist Theorists demonstrates once and for all that we can no longer be content with received ideas about ‘progress’, which may explain the world for men, but which fail to make sense of the historical experience of women. It shows too that contemporary women have a rich intellectual tradition on which to draw for stimulus, inspiration and enjoyment.

Table of Contents

Introduction: Dale Spender
Aphra Behn: A Scandal to Modesty (1640-1689) / Angeline Goreau
Mary Astell: Inspired by Ideas (1668-1731) / Joan K. Kinnaird
Mary Wollstonecraft: Sexuality and Women’s Rights (1759-1797) / Miriam Brody
Harriet Martineau: A Reassessment (1802-1876) / Gaby Weiner
Margaret Fuller: Feminist Writer and Revolutionary (1810-1850) / Marie Mitchell Olesen Urbanski
Barbara Bodichon: Integrity in Diversity (1827-1891) / Jacquie Matthews
Lucy Stone: Radical Beginnings (1818-1893) / Leslie Wheeler
Matilda Joslyn Gage: Active Intellectual (1826 – 1898) / Lynne Spender
Josephine Butler: From Sympathy to Theory (1828-1906) / Jenny Uglow
Hedwig Dohm: Passionate Thought (1833-1919) / Renate Duelli-Klein
Millicent Garrett Fawcett: Duty and Determinations (1847-1929) / Ann Oakley
Charlotte Perkins Gilman: The Personal is Political (1860-1935) / Ann J. Lane
Emma Goldman: Anarchist Queen (1869-1940) / Alix Kates Schulman
Olive Schreiner: New Women, Free Women, All Women (1855-1920) / Liz Stanley
Vida Goldstein: The Women’s Candidate (1869-1949) / Gaby Weiner
Christabel Pankhurst: Reclaiming Her Power (1880-1958) / Elizabeth Sarah
Alice Paul: The Quintessential Feminist (1885-1977) / Jean L. Willis
Virginia Woolf: The Life of Natural Happiness (1882-1941) / Naomi Black
Vera Brittain: Feminist in a New Age (1869-1970) / Muriel Mellown
Mary Ritter Beard: Women as Force (1876-1958) / Ann J. Lane
Simone de Beauvoir: Dilemmas of a Feminist Radical (1908-1986) / Mary Evans
Modern Feminist Theorists: Reinventing Rebellion / Dale Spender