Ageism Conflict

Look Me in the Eye: Old Women, Aging and Ageism

Look Me in the Eye: Old Women,
Aging and Ageism
Barbara Macdonald,
Cynthia Rich
The Women’s Press1984

Look Me in the Eye is about the ageing of women, and the prejudice that permeates even the language we use to describe it. The authors accuse us of denying our own fear about age, and colluding in a social conspiracy to make old women ‘invisible’. In inviting us to look each other in the eye, they ask us to reclaim the strength, the wisdom and the sorrow of old women for ourselves.

This book was inspired by Chatherine Nicholson, Harriet Desmoines and Susan Leigh Star who, in 1979, devoted the entire issue of Sinister Wisdom #10 to aging, opening the door for the third chapter Do You Remember Me?

In the United States, Look me in the Eye was first published by Spinsters Ink. Spinsters Ink was founded in upstate New York in 1978 to publish feminist books.

Table of Contents:

Barbara’s Introduction: Barbara Macdonald
Cynthia’s Introduction: Cynthia Rich
Do You Remember Me? Barbara Macdonald
Look Me in the Eye: Barbara Macdonald
Exploitation by Compassion: Barbara Macdonald
Aging, Ageism and Feminist Avoidance: Cynthia Rich
An Open Letter to the Women’s Movement: Barbara Macdonald
The Women in the Tower: Cynthia Rich
The Power of Old Women: Barbara Macdonald
Cynthia’s Afterword
Barbara’s Afterword