Healing the Wounds: The Promise of Ecofeminism

Healing the Wounds: The Promise
of Ecofeminism
Judith PlantNew Society Publishers1989

Twenty-five activist authors – including Ursula LeGuin, Vandana Shiva, Margot Adler and Joanna Macy – strive to unite the visions and energies of the feminist and ecological perspectives. Healing the Wounds draws together the personal, political and spiritual into one enlivening whole. This is the book, and these are the practitioners, that started the movement.

Table of Contents

Toward a new world: an introduction / Judith Plant

Remembering who we are: The Meaning of Ecofeminism
… Split culture / Susan Griffin
… The ecology of feminism and the feminism of ecology / Ynestra King
… A new movement, a new hope: east wind, west wind, and the wind from the south / Corinne Kumar D’Souza
… Mama Coyote talks to the boys / Sharon Doubiago
… Women/wilderness / Ursula K. Le Guin

Healing All Our Relations: Ecofeminist Politics
… Poem: Tampons / Ellen Bass
… First Mother and the rainbow children / Anne Cameron
… Women act: women and environmental protection in India / Pamela Philipose
… Speaking for the Earth: the Haida way / Gwaganad
… Development, ecology, and women / Vandana Shiva
… A power of numbers / Rachel Bagby
… From healing herbs to deadly drugs: western medicine’s war against the natural world / Marti Kheel

She is Alive in You: Ecofeminist Spirituality
… Poem: A story of beginnings / Starhawk
… Invoking the grove / Deena Metzger
… Toward an ecofeminist spirituality / Charlene Spretnak
… The give and the take / Dale Colleen Hamilton
… Toward an ecological-feminist theology of nature / Rosemary Radford Ruether
… The juice of the mystery / Margot Adler
… Sacred land, sacred sex / Dolores LaChapelle
… Lakshmi Ashram: a Gandhian perspective in the Himalayan foothills / Radha Bhatt
… Feminist earth-based spirituality and ecofeminism / Starhawk

The Circle is Gathering: Ecofeminist Community
… Poem: Lost arrows and the feather people / Ursula K. Le Guin
… Survival on Earth: the meaning of feminism / Dorothy Dinnerstein
… Awakening to the ecological self / Joanna Macy
… Wings of the eagle: a conversation with Marie Wilson
… The subjective side of power / Margo Adair and Sharon Howell
… Community: meeting our deepest needs / Helen Forsey
… Consensus and community: a conversation with Caroline Estes
… The circle is gathering / Judith Plant