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Ecofeminism and the Sacred

Ecofeminism and the SacredCarol J. AdamsContinuum1993

Ecofeminism and the Sacred is the first multicultural anthology on ecofeminism focusing on spiritual and religious issues. It is is a collection of essays investigating the connections between feminism, spirituality, religion, and the environment. 

Table of Contents

Part One: Revisioning Religion
… Ecofeminism: symbolic and social connections of the oppression of women and the domination of nature / Rosemary Radford Ruether
… Sin, nature, and Black women’s bodies / Delores S. Williams
… Talk about the weather: the greening of eschatology / Catherine Keller
… Acting with compassion: Buddhism, feminism, and the environmental crisis / Stephanie Kaza
… Feminist Judaism and repair of the world / Judith Plaskow
… An earthly theological agenda / Sallie McFague
… Ganga: purity, pollution, and Hinduism / Lina Gupta

Part Two: Envisioning Ecofeminism
… A feminist philosophical perspective on ecofeminist spiritualities / Karen J. Warren
… Ecofeminist consciousness and the transforming power of symbols / L. Teal Willoughby
… The good mother: from Gaia to Gilead / Ellen Cronan Rose
… For all those who were Indian in a former life / Andy Smith
… Toward an ecofeminist ethic of Shamanism and the sacred / Gloria Feman Orenstein
… Ecology is a sistah’s issue too: the politics of emergent Afrocentric ecowomanism / Shamara Shantu Riley

Part Three: Embodying Ecofeminist Spiritualities
… Animal, vegetable, and mineral: the sacred connection / Carol Lee Sanchez
… Nuclear power and the sacred: or why a beautiful woman is like a nuclear power plant / Jane Caputi
… New moon over Roxbury: reflections on urban life and the land / Rebecca Johnson
… Earthbody and personal body as sacred / Charlene Spretnak
… Natural resources: a conversation between Byllye Avery and Mary E. Hunt
… Taking life or “taking on life”? Table talk and animals / Carol J. Adams and Marjorie Procter-Smith
… Ecofeminist education: adolescence, activism, and spirituality / Zoe Weil