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Men’s Studies Modified: The Impact of Feminism on the Academic Disciplines

Men’s Studies Modified: The Impact of Feminism on the Academic DisciplinesDale SpenderPergamon Press1981

This book is comprised of a number of articles written by women on the impact of feminism on academic disciplines. Fundamental to feminism is the premise that women have been ‘left out’ of codified knowledge, so that the world has been explained in terms of men but not women. The contributors explore not only how this happened but why. They document, discipline by discipline, the gains that feminism has made in establishing alternative processes and alternative knowledge and the effect these are having in modifying the academic curriculum.

Table of Contents

1. The Thief in the House: Women and Language / Mercilee M. Jenkins and Cheris Kramarae

2. Dancing Through the Minefield: Some Observations on the Theory, Practice and Politics of a Feminist Literary Criticism / Annette Kolodny

3. Methodocracy, Misogyny and Bad Faith: The Response of Philosophy / Sheila Ruth

4. Women Lost and Found: The Impact of Feminism on History / Jane Lewis

5. Some of the Boys Won’t Play Any More: The Impact of Feminism on Sociology / Helen Roberts

6. Toward the Emasculation of Political Science: The Impact of Feminism / Joni Lovenduski

7. Anthropology – A Discipline with a Legacy / Carol P. MacCormack

8. Psychology and Feminism – If you Can’t Beat Them, Join Them / Beverly M. Walker

9. The Oldest, the most Established, the most Quantitative of the Social Sciences – and the most Dominated by Men; The Impact of Feminism on Economics / Marianne A. Ferber and Michelle L. Teiman

10. The Impact of Feminism on Media Studies – Just Another Commercial Break? / Helen Baehr

11. Education: The Patriarchal Paradigm and the Response to Feminism / Dale Spender

12. Before and After: The Impact of Feminism on the Academic Discipline of Law / Katherine O’Donovan

13. Medicine as “Old Husbands’ Tales”: The Impact of Feminism / Mary Ann Elston

14. The Emperor Doesn’t Wear Any Clothes: The Impact of Feminism on Biology / Ruth Hubbard

15. Dirty Fingers, Grime and Slag Heaps: Purity and the Scientific Ethic / Kathy Overfield