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Towards a Feminist Theory of State

Towards a Feminist Theory of StateCatharine A. MacKinnonHarvard University Press1989

Toward a Feminist Theory of the State┬ápresents Catharine MacKinnon’s powerful analysis of politics, sexuality, and the law from the perspective of women. Using the debate over Marxism and feminism as a point of departure, MacKinnon develops a theory of gender centered on sexual subordination and applies it to the state. The result is an informed and compelling critique of inequality and a transformative vision of a direction for social change.

Table of Contents

I. Feminism and Marxism
1. The Problem of Marxism and Feminism
2. A Feminist Critique of Marx and Engels
3. A Marxist Critique of Feminism
4. Attempts at Synthesis

II. Method
5. Consciousness Raising
6. Method and Politics
7. Sexuality

III. The State
8. The Liberal State
9. Rape: On Coercion and Consent
10. Abortion: On Public and Private
11. Pornography: On Morality and Politics
12. Sex Equality: On Difference and Dominance
13. Toward Feminist Jurisprudence