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Outercourse: The Bedazzling Voyage

Outercourse: The Bedazzling VoyageMary DalyHarperOne1992

This philosophical autobiography of the world’s foremost radical feminist philosopher offers an imaginative chronicle of Mary Daly’s voyage. Daly sees her work as that of a pirate, righteously plundering treasures of knowledge that have been stolen and hidden from women.

In this inventive blend of autobiography and visionary philosophy, she reveals her struggles to smuggle back these treasures and to distinguish them from their mindbinding trappings.

Outercourse brilliantly recounts Daly’s debunking of patriarchal thought and blazes new paths to freedom by enabling women to discover the hidden connections that make sense of their lives.

Read the introduction of Outercourse here.

It was Mary’s wish that if women or people want to memorialize her in any way they should stay in their own locality and have a get-together where they read or discuss her work.

Linda Barufaldi of San Diego, one of several former graduate students of Dr. Daly’s who cared for her as her health declined.