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Reweaving the World: The Emergence of Ecofeminism

Reweaving the World: The
Emergence of Ecofeminism
Irene DiamondRandom House1990

A collection of articles, essays, and poetic prose pieces by 26 of the foremost writers, scholars, activists, artists, and spiritual teachers of ecofeminism who envision a restoration of harmony in a global environment damaged by a devaluation of nature and women. Reweaving the World is an emergent synthesis of the environmental, feminist, and women’s spirituality movements.

Table of Contents

Part One: Histories and Mysteries: In the Beginning
… Ecofeminism: Our Roots and Flowering / Charlene Spretnak
… How to Heal a Lobotomy / Brian Swimme
… The Gaia Tradition and the Partnership Future: an Ecofeminist Manifesto / Riane Eisler
… The Origins of God in the Blood of the Lamb / Sally Abbott
… The Eleusinian Mysteries : Ancient Nature Religion of Demeter and Persephone / Mara Lynn Keller
… The Woman I love is a Planet; the Planet I Love is a Tree / Paula Gunn Allen
… Rethinking Theology and Nature / Carol P. Christ

Part Two: Reweaving the World: Reconnecting Politics and Ethics
… Power, Authority, and Mystery: Ecofeminism and Earth-Based Spirituality / Starhawk
… Curves Along the Road / Susan Griffin
… Ecofeminism and Feminist Theory / Carolyn Merchant
… Healing the Wounds: Feminism, Ecology, and the Nature-Culture Dualism / Ynestra King
… Ecofeminism and the Politics of Resistance / Lee Quinby
… Ecofeminism and Deep Ecology: Reflections on Identity and Difference / Marti Kheel
… Deep Ecology and Ecofeminism: the Emerging Dialogue / Michael E. Zimmerman
… Searching for Common Ground: Ecofeminism and Bioregionalism / Judith Plant

Part Three: Healing Ourselves: Healing the Planet
… Toward a Womanist Analysis of Birth / Arisika Razak
… The Place of Women in Polluted Places / Lin Nelson
… Development as a New Project of Western Patriarchy / Vandana Shiva
… Babies, Heroic Experts, and a Poisoned Earth / Irene Diamond
… Goddess in the Metropolis: Reflections on the Sacred in an Urban Setting / Irene Javors
… Women, Home, and Community: the Struggle in an Urban Environment / Cynthia Hamilton
… The Evolution of an Ecofeminist / Julia Scofield Russell
… Daughters of Growing Things / Rachel L. Bagby
… Women Against Wasting the World: Notes on Eschatology and Ecology / Catherine Keller
… Perspective or escape? Ecofeminist Musings on Contemporary Earth Imagery / Yaakov Jerome Garb
… Artists as Healers: Envisioning Life-Giving Culture / Gloria Feman Orenstein