Reclaim The Earth: Women Speak Out For Life On Earth

Reclaim The Earth: Women
Speak Out For Life On Earth
Léonie Caldecott and
Stephanie Leland
The Women’s Press1983

Reclaim the Earth is a collection of essays that discuss nuclear proliferation, chemical pollution, land rights, childbirth, infanticide, ecology, and feminist activities around the world.

From Erica Smith: Most of the 28 contributors are British or American, balanced by input from women from New Zealand, Canada, Argentina, India, Sicily and Japan, whose significant cultural and class differences are viewed within the wider context of global female experience. The writers offer a nice blend of analysis and what-to-do-about-it suggestions. They point out how our daily lives as welfare mothers, peace activists, cancer patients are entangled in such seemingly unrelated matters as the holistic health movement and the food industry. In clear, jargon-free language, they expose the patriarchal net of control on the earth’s resources and on our Selves. The word “earth” in the title refers not only to the planet but to women’s bodies.

Table of Contents

  • The eco-feminist imperative /​ Ynestra King
  • Unity statement /​ Women’s Pentagon Action
  • Unholy secrets: the impact of the nuclear age on public health /​ Rosalie Bertell
  • The long death (poem) /​ Marge Piercy
  • Sveso is everywhere /​ Women’s Working Group, Geneva; translated and extracted from the French by Frances Howard-Gordon
  • The politics of Women’s health /​ Nancy Worcester
  • Feminism: healing the patriarchal dis-ease /​ Jill Raymond and Janice Wilson
  • Ask a stupid question (poem) /​ Susan Saxe
  • Feminism and ecology: theoretical connections /​ Stephanie Leland
  • Roots: black ghetto ecology /​ Wilmette Brown
  • Seeds that bear fruit: a Japanese woman speaks /​ Manami Suzuki
  • Another country (poem) /​ Marge Piercy
  • Thought for food /​ Liz Butterworth
  • The power to feed ourselves : women and land rights /​ Barbara Rogers
  • The land is our life: a Pacific experience /​ Léonie Caldecott
  • A Micronesian woman (poem) /​ Rosalie Bertell
  • Greening the desert: women of Kenya reclaim land /​ Maggie Jones and Wanagari Maathai
  • Greening the cities: creating a hospitable environment for women and children /​ Penelope Leach
  • Against nuclearisation and beyond /​ Statement of Sicilian women
  • For the Hiroshima maidens (poem) /​ Léonie Caldecott
  • Gaea: the earth as a our spiritual heritage /​ Jean Freer
  • He wanine, he whenau: Maori women and the environment /​ Ngahuia Te Awekotuku
  • All of one flesh: the rights of animals /​ Norma Benney
  • The mothers do not disappear /​ Marta Zabaleta ; translated by Jackie Rodick
  • Invisible casualities: women servicing militarism /​ Lesley Merryfinch
  • Alternative technology: a feminist technology? /​ Chris Thomas
  • Safety and survival /​ Margaret Wright
  • Birth: the agony or the ecstasy? /​ Caroline Wyndham
  • A new form of female infanticide /​ Manushi Collective
  • Saving trees, saving lives: Third World women and the issue of survival /​ Anita Anand
  • Time for women: new patterns of work /​ Sheila Rothwell
  • Personal, political and planetary play
  • The warp and the weft: the coming synthesis of eco-philosophy and eco-feminism /​ Hazel Henderson
  • Prayer for continuation (poem) /​ Susan Griffin