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Rolling Our Own: Women as Printers, Publishers and Distributors

Rolling Our Own: Women as Printers,
Publishers and Distributors
Eileen Cadman, Gail Chester, Agnes PivotMinority Press Group1981

Interview with a number of women form the basis of this book, which provides an insight into a wide range of feminist publishing activities – from producing a local women’s liberation newsletter to working in a large commercial publishing company. It shows how the women become involved in the different areas of work, the problems they face and how they deal with them. The book raises thorny issues, such as where the money comes from, working with men, and sexism in the radical book trade, whilst also looking at the positive achievements of women who have set up their own printing press, bookshop, etc. The authors demonstrate that the existence of the Women’s Liberation Movement has made many of these activities possible.

Table of Contents:

Chapter 1: Women writers and the influence of feminism
Chapter 2: Women in the publishing industry
Chapter 3: Women’s publishers
Chapter 4: Self-publishing and the importance of pamphlets
Chapter 5: Illustrators: The case of the virtually invisible visuals
Chapter 6: Typesetting
Chapter 7: Printing
Chapter 8: Periodicals
Chapter 9: Getting the ideas out: The problems of distribution
Chapter 10: Sexism in the radical book trade
Appendix I: Directory of Women’s Liberation newsletters, magazines and journals
Appendix II: Useful organisations