Colonialism Fiction


ShapeshifterPauline MelvilleThe Women’s Press1990

A collection of short stories dealing with post-colonial life in the Caribbean, notably in the author’s native Guyana, as well as of some stories set in London. Many of the characters, most of them displaced people from former colonies struggling to come to terms with a new life in Britain, attempt to find an identity, to reconcile their past and to escape from the restlessness hinted at in the title.

Table of Contents

I do not take messages from dead people
The iron and the radio have gone
The conversion of Millicent Vernon
A disguised land
A quarrelsome man
About that two pounds, Mrs. Parrish
McGregor’s journey
The truth is in the clothes
You left the door open
The girl with the celestial limb
Eat labba and drink creek water