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Sojourner’s Truth and Other Stories

Sojourner’s Truth and
Other Stories
Lee MaraclePress Gang Publishers1990

In the tradition of Native oratory, these stories are layered with unresolved human dilemmas. Maracle writes with love and humor about the pain and triumphs, and the spirit of resistance.

From Robin McGrath: In her preface, “You Become the Trickster,” Maracle outlines her objectives: employ the reader’s own imagination, cling to the principles of oratory, seek out the universal.

Some of these stories are difficult, particularly the title piece, but all of them feel as though they were carefully thought through before being committed to print. Maracle admits that she guides her readers more than traditional story-tellers guide their listeners, but she still leaves plenty to the imagination. In Sojourner’s Truth, Maracle not only engages her readers in her own struggle with racism and cultural genocide, she does it without compromise or blame. This is a lovely, mature book that should be around for a long time.