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The Black Woman: An Anthology

The Black Woman: An AnthologyToni Cade BambaraSignet1970

A collection of early, emerging works from some of today’s most celebrated African American female writers. When it was first published in 1970,¬†The Black Woman¬†introduced readers to an astonishing new wave of voices that demanded to be heard. In this groundbreaking volume of original essays, poems, and stories, a chorus of outspoken women – many who would become leaders in their fields: bestselling novelist Alice Walker, poets Audre Lorde and Nikki Giovanni, writer Paule Marshall, activist Grace Lee Boggs, and musician Abbey Lincoln among them – tackled issues surrounding race and sex, body image, the economy, politics, labor, and much more. Their words still resonate with truth, relevance, and insight today.

Table of Contents

  • Woman poem / Nikki Giovanni
  • Poem / Kay Lindsey
  • Naturally / Audre Lorde
  • And what about the children / Audre Lorde
  • Reena / Paule Marshall
  • The diary of an African nun / Alice Walker
  • Tell Martha not to moan / Shirley Williams
  • Mississippi politics – a day in the life of Ella J. Baker / Joanne Grant
  • Motherhood / Joanna Clark
  • Dear black man / Fran Sanders
  • To whom will she cry rape? / Abbey Lincoln
  • The black woman as a woman / Kay Lindsey
  • Double jeopardy: to be black and female / Frances Beale
  • On the issue of roles / Toni Cade
  • Black man, my man, listen! / Gail Stokes
  • Is the black male castrated? / Jean Carey Bond and Patricia Peery
  • The kitchen crisis / Verta Mae Smart-Grosvenor
  • End racism in education: a concerned parent speaks / Maude White Katz
  • I fell off the roof one day (a view of the black university) / Nikki Giovanni
  • Black romanticism / Joyce Green
  • Black people and the Victorian ethos / Gwen Patton
  • Black pride? Some contradictions / Ann Cook
  • The pill: genocide or liberation? / Toni Cade
  • The black social workers’ dilemma / Helen Williams
  • Ebony minds, black voices / Adele Jones and group
  • Poor black women’s study papers by poor black women of Mount Vernon, New York / Pat Robinson and group
  • A historical and critical essay for black women in the cities, June 1969 / Pat Robinson and group
  • The black revolution in America / Grace Lee Boggs
  • Looking back / Helen Cade Brehon
  • From the family notebook / Carole Brown
  • Thinking about the play The great white hope / Toni Cade
  • Are the revolutionary techniques employed in The battle of Algiers applicable to Harlem? / Francee Covington