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The Wanderground

The WandergroundSally Miller GearhartPersephone Press1979

From Wikipedia: The Wanderground is a speculative fiction novel by Sally Miller Gearhart, published in 1979 by Persephone Press. It is Gearhart’s first and most famous novel, and continues to be used in Women’s Studies classes as a characteristic example of the separatist feminism movement from the 1970s.

Table of Contents

Red Waters
Alaka’s Journey
A Morning Together
Clana and the Snakes
The Deep Cella
Krueva and the Pony
Ijeme’s Story
A Time to Sing
Pelagine Stretches
Diana and the Moon
A Man in the City
The Gatherstretch
On the Way to the Kochlias
The Remember Rooms
Meeting the Gentles
Voki at the Welling Place
The Telling of the Days of Artilidea