Lesbian Poetry

They Will Know Me By My Teeth: Stories and Poems of Lesbian Struggle, Celebration, And Survival

They Will Know Me By My TeethElana DykewomanMegaera Press1976

They Will Know Me By My Teeth is Elana Dykewoman’s (also spelled Dykewomon) second published book. It is a remarkable piece of feminist publishing as it draws direct attention to the printing process. Written on the back cover, it is stated that the book is “To Be Sold To And Shared With Women Only.” The front matter is dedicated to, and mentions, all the women who were involved in the publishing process. Along with the beautifully written prose and poetry inside, They Will Know Me By My Teeth is an exceptional example of second wave feminist publishing efforts.

Table of Contents:

In The Jewelry Room of the Egyptian Collection
Certain Scarcities
An Interview -Or- How I Learned To Masturbate To Orgasm
The Naming of Parts
How We Got The Moon
Solstice Story
They Will Know Me By My Teeth
The One And The Other -A Class Story-
What Can I Ask
Last Love Poem For Straight Women
She Lets Go
The First Lesson
When I Die
Rachel, Rachel
Sun Light Setting
New England Cemetery
Without Love
Deeva, Erlelda and Rolari Meet Dark Bird Shadow
The Journal She Kept