Women as Revolutionary Agents of Change: The Hite Reports and Beyond

Women as Revolutionary Agents
of Change: The Hite Reports
and Beyond
Shere HiteUniversity of Wisconsin

These reflective essays by Shere Hite reveal and explore the methodological and philosophical import of the famous Hite Reports on male and female sexuality and love and include extensive excerpts from the reports themselves. To read this outstanding distillation of Hite’s writings is to see the continuing impact of her prodigious work over two decades, to hear her views on the issues facing women as agents of social change, and to be taken to the cutting edge of current debates on sexual politics.

Credit: Sarah Lautman in the Paris Review, July 21, 2017

Table of Contents

An Introduction to The Hite Reports: Theory and Importance Naomi Weisstein, Professor of Psychology, State University of New York, 1987

Part One: Beginnings: 1972-1976
1972: Original Letter to Women and Research Questionnaire for the 1976 Hite Report on Female Sexuality
1974: Introduction to Sexual Honesty, By Women, For Women. 1976: Speech Delivered to Harvard Forum

Part Two: 1976: The Hite Report on Female Sexuality Sexuality As a Social Construction: Toward a New Theory of Female Sexuality
The Glorification of Intercourse: A Reproductive Model of Sexuality
Masturbation: Theory, Practice and New Beginnings
The New Meaning of Clitoral Stimulation: Orgasm and Identity
Clitoral Anatomy
The Pleasures of Intercourse: “Vaginal Ache” and Emotional Orgasm
The Suppression of Female Sexuality and Orgasm
The Sexual Revolution
Toward a New Female Sexuality: A New Theory of What “Sex” Is
Stepping Outside Patriarchal Culture to See How Sexuality Could Be Different

Part Three: The Hite Report on Men and Male Sexuality: The Ideological Construction of “Male Sexuality” and “Male Psychology”
Research Questionnaire for Men, 1974-1981
The Creation of Male Psychology
Love, Male Psychology and Male Identity
Deconstructing Intercourse and the Definition of Male Sexuality
Expanding the Definition of Male Sexual Identity
Men Encounter Female Orgasm
Men and the Clitoris: A Moment in History
The Politics of Intercourse
Rape, Sexual Violence, and Pornography
Sex and Love Between Men

Part Four: 1987: Women and Love: A Cultural Revolution in Progress: The Hite Report on Love, Passion, and Emotional Violence
Research Questionnaire for Women on Emotions, 1981-1987
Redefining the Emotions Known as “Love”: A Cultural Revolution in Progress
The Emotional Contract: Injustice Built into the System
Women Recreate Female Psychology: 4,500 Women Speak
Being Single: Women and Autonomy
The Two Cultures: Women Live Bi-Culturally
Friendships between Women: A Different Value System
Can We Trust Women’s Power Yet? Are We Strong Enough?
Being Proud of Each Other and Supporting Each Other: The Key to Changing Our Status
Toward a New Vision of Sexuality
Women Loving Women
Marriage and the Nature of Love in the “Age of the Family” A Cultural Revolution in Progress
Women as Revolutionary Agents of Change: To Transform the Culture with Our Values
Scholarly Papers Pertaining to the Hite Reports
Methodological Essays