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Up Against Foucault: Explorations of Some Tensions Between Foucault and Feminism

Up Against Foucault: Explorations of Some
Tensions Between Foucault and Feminism
Caroline Ramazanoglu (ed)Routledge London
and New York

Up Against Foucault introduces key aspects of Foucault’s work to feminists, in ways which are less abstracted than much of the existing literature in this area. It includes an introduction to Foucault’s terms, and fills a gap in the literature by clarifying the links between the everyday realities of women’s lives and Foucault’s work on sexuality and power. The contributors explore the implications of analysing power relations, sexuality or the body, without also thinking about gender and other social divisions. They bring their expertise from social theory and philosophy to bear on the same core issues; the ways in which Foucault provokes feminists into questioning their grasp of power relations, and the implications of the absence of gender in his own work. 

Table of Contents:

Part One: Reflections on the Value of Foucault’s Arguments for Feminism

1. Introduction/Caroline Ramazanoğlu
2. Productive Contradictions/Kate Soper
3. Practices of Freedom/Jean Grimshaw
4. Foucault, Feminism and Feeling: What Foucault Can and Cannot Contribute to Feminist Epistemology/Maureen Cain

Part Two: Identity, Difference and Power

5. Foucauldian Feminism: Contesting Bodies, Sexuality and Identity/M.E. Bailey
6. Feminism, Difference and Discourse: the Limits of Discursive Analysis for Feminism/Janet Ransom
7. Dancing with Foucault: Feminism and Power-Knowledge/Maureen McNeil

Part Three: Bodies and Pleasures: Power and Resistance

8. Feminism, Foucault and the Politics of the Body/Susan Bordo
9. Violence, Power and Pleasure: a Revisionist Reading of Foucault from the Victim Perspective/Dean MacCannell and Juliet Flower MacCannell
10. Women’s Sexuality and Men’s Appropriation of Desire/Caroline Ramazanoğlu and Janet Holland