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Woman and Nature: The Roaring Inside Her

Woman and Nature: The Roaring
Inside Her
Susan GriffinHarperCollins1978

In this famously provocative cornerstone of feminist literature, Susan Griffin explores the identification of women with the earth—both as sustenance for humanity and as victim of male rage. Starting from Plato’s fateful division of the world into spirit and matter, her analysis of how patriarchal Western philosophy and religion have used language and science to bolster their power over both women and nature is brilliant and persuasive, coming alive in poetic prose.

Griffin draws on an astonishing range of sources—from timbering manuals to medical texts to Scripture and classical literature—in showing how destructive has been the impulse to disembody the human soul, and how the long separated might once more be rejoined. Poet Adrienne Rich calls Woman and Nature “perhaps the most extraordinary nonfiction work to have merged from the matrix of contemporary female consciousness—a fusion of patriarchal science, ecology, female history and feminism, written by a poet who has created a new form for her vision. The book has the impact of a great film or a fresco; yet it is intimately personal, touching to the quick of woman’s experience.”

Table of Contents


BOOK ONE: Matter
… Matter
… Land (Her Changing Face)
… Timber (What Was There for Them)
… Wind
… Cows (The Way We Yield)
… Mules
… The Show Horse
… Her Body

BOOK TWO: Separation
… Where He Begins
… His Power (He Tames What Is Wild)
… His Vigilance (How He Must Keep Watch)
… His Knowledge (He Determines What Is Real)
… His Control (How He Becomes Invulnerable)
… His Certainty (How He Rules the Universe)
… His Cataclysm (The Universe Shudders),
… His Secrets (What Is Sleeping Within)
… Terror


BOOK FOUR: Her Vision
… The Separate Rejoined
… Mystery (How the Divided Come Together Again)
… The Opening
… Our Dreams (What Lies Under Our Stillness)
… Our Ancient Rages
… The Lion in the Den of the Prophets
… Possibility
… Transformation
… Clarity
… Matter Revisited
… The Years (Her Body Awakens)
… Our Nature (What Is Still Wild in Us)
… This Earth (What She Is to Me) Where we are
… Forest (The Way We Stand) Why we are here
… The Wind (How everything changes) and
… Matter (How We Know)