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Born Female: The High Cost of Keeping Women Down

Born Female: The High Cost
of Keeping Women Down
Caroline BirdPocket1969

When you’re “born female,” what does it mean for the rest of your life? Watch your blood pressure rise as Caroline Bird reveals all the ugly penalties for being “born female.” Despite the feminist movement and some headline-making advances, women today suffer great injustice and exploitation. The book grew out of an article on discrimination against women in business that was rejected by¬†The Saturday Evening Post.

Born Female, more than any other feminist book, shatteringly explores the ongoing female oppression. It is an honest, thought-provoking survey of the high price America is paying to keep women down – in jobs, education, and at home. And, in the last chapters, Born Female shows how we can cast aside sexual stigmas and relate to each other as “us” rather than “he” and “she.”