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Caught In The Crisis: Women and The U.S. Economy Today

Caught In The Crisis: Women and The U.S. Economy Today Teresa Amott Monthly Review Press 1993 Women have entered the job market in increasing numbers since the 1960s. But as Theresa Amott shows, there is still vast gender inequality in income, wealth, and occupational distribution. Women, Amott explains, face gender discrimination by employers, the juggling…

Research Violence

Voices of the Survivors

Voices of the Survivors Patricia Easteal Spinifex 1994 The responses of women to a national survey on sexual abuse and rape are presented, with a large percentage of the book made up of survivors comments, letters and stories. The material is arranged by the relationship of the perpetrator to the victim: incest; husbands; estranged partners;…

History Research

Women Together: A History of Women’s Organisations in New Zealand: Ngā Rōpū Wāhine O Te Motu

Women Together: A History of Women’sOrganisations in New Zealand:Ngā Rōpū Wāhine O Te Motu Anne Else Daphne Brasell Associates Press 1993 Women Together is a reference work of women’s organisations in New Zealand that was first published in 1993 to mark the 100th anniversary of women’s suffrage. From the introduction: The primary aims of this publication…

Research Violence

The Politics of Rape: The Victim’s Perspective

The Politics of Rape: TheVictim’s Perspective Diana E.H. Russell Stein and Day 1974 In her pioneer book, The Politics of Rape (1975, 1984), Diana E. H. Russell was among the first feminist writers to offer a revolutionary new understanding of rape as a manifestation of sexism.  In a series of beautifully executed but wrenching interviews with 22…

Research Theory

Born Female: The High Cost of Keeping Women Down

Born Female: The High Costof Keeping Women Down Caroline Bird Pocket 1969 When you’re “born female,” what does it mean for the rest of your life? Watch your blood pressure rise as Caroline Bird reveals all the ugly penalties for being “born female.” Despite the feminist movement and some headline-making advances, women today suffer great…

Research Sociology

Claiming Reality: Phenomenology and Women’s Experience

Claiming Reality: Phenomenologyand Women’s Experience Louise Levesque-Lopman Rowman & Littlefield 1988 Claiming Reality is a major contribution to current research aimed at bringing gender-based equality to the social sciences. Drawing on the phenomenological sociology of Alfred Schutz, the author develops a penetrating critique in which she describes the origins and development of male supremacy in…

Philosophy Research Theory

Whose Science? Whose Knowledge? Thinking from Women’s Lives

Whose Science? Whose Knowledge?Thinking From Women’s Lives Sandra Harding Open University Press 1991 Whose Science? Whose Knowledge? explores the possibility of a feminist way of knowing and of a feminist science, and the practical consequences a feminist method might have for social, political and gender relations. In the first part of the book Sandra Harding…

Conflict Research Theory

Decisions Without Hierarchy: Feminist Interventions in Organization Theory and Practice

Decisions Without Hierarchy:Feminist Interventions inOrganization Theory andPractice Kathleen P. Iannello Routledge 1992 Bringing feminist and organization theory together with feminist organizational practice, Kathleen Iannello provides an insightful analysis that both illustrates and explains the successes and challenges facing non-hierarchical organizations. Decisions Without Hierarchy is part of an important and growing literature on “feminist interventions.” If…

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More Than a Labour of Love: Three Generations of Women’s Work in the Home

More Than a Labour of Love:Three Generations ofWomen’s Work in the Home Meg Luxton The Women’s Press 1980 Based on participant observation and in-depth interviews, this book describes the work women do in their homes, caring for children and partners, and maintaining the house. It shows how their lives are shaped by domestic responsibilities and…

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The Pornography of Representation

The Pornography of Representation Susanne Kappeler University ofMinnesota Press 1986 This book marks a radical and powerful intervention in traditional arguments about pornography. Kappeler re-examines the artistic distinctions between fantasy and reality, pornography and erotica, and challenges the legal definition of obscenity as well as the intellectual defence of ‘freedom of expression’. By linking images…