Politics Theory

Feminists and State Welfare

Feminists and State Welfare Jennifer Dale and Peggy Foster Routledge 1986 Designed for students of social policy and women’s studies, this text gives a readable account of the wide range of feminist ideas about women and welfare. The authors draw on feminist theory, research and analysis to explore women’s experiences of welfare, and the debates…

Asia Intersectionality Theory

Changing Lives: Life Stories of Asian Pioneers in Women’s Studies

Changing Lives: Life Stories ofAsian Pioneers in Women’s Studies The Committee on Women’s Studies in Asia The Feminist Press 1995 Thirteen women’s studies pioneers from Pakistan, Philippines, China, India, Indonesia, South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Vietnam and Singapore narrate their individual passages into feminist consciousness, and the monumental effect of women’s studies on their…

Collection Essays Theory

Theories of Women’s Studies

Theories of Women’s Studies Renate Klein and Gloria Bowles Routledge 1983 Theories of Women’s Studies is a collection of fourteen papers written by feminist theorists and activists working in the United States, England, and Western Europe. This volume represents an important contribution ot the development and research in women’s studies. It raises and offers initial…

Postmodernism Theory

Nothing Mat(t)ers: a Feminist Critique of Postmodernism

Nothing Mat(t)ers: a Feminist Critiqueof Postmodernism Somer Brodribb Spinifex 1992 Lévi-Strauss tried to convince women that we are spoken, exchanged like words; Lacan tried to teach women we can’t speak, because the phallus is the original signifier; and then Derrida says that it doesn’t matter, it’s just talk. Foucault, Derrida, Lacan, Nietzsche: the chant resonates…

History Theory

The Creation of Patriarchy

The Creation of Patriarchy Gerda Lerner Oxford University Press 1986 A major work by a leading historian and pioneer in women’s studies, The Creation of Patriarchy is a radical reconceptualization of Western civilization that makes gender central to its analysis. Gerda Lerner argues that male dominance over women is not “natural” or biological, but the product of…

Collection Essays Radical Theory

Radical Feminism

Radical Feminism Anne Koedt, Ellen Levineand Anita Rapone Quadrangle Books 1973 An anthology of radical feminist writings from the current women’s movement. Forty-five articles ranging from the personal to the theoretical and drawn largely from the feminist annual notes. Read the book online through Feminist Reprise. Table of Contents I. Liberating History… The First Feminists…

Politics Radical Theory

Love and Politics: Radical Feminist and Lesbian Theories

Love and Politics: Radical Feministand Lesbian Theories Carol Anne Douglas Pergamon Press 1988 Critical survey of radical and lesbian feminist ideas from the 1960s through the 1980s. Carol Anne Douglas examines diverse theories on the roots of male domination; love and sexuality; lesbianism and friendship between women; lesbian separatism; sadomasochism; strategy and tactics for women’s…

History Theory

Feminist Thought: A Comprehensive Introduction

Feminist Thought: AComprehensive Introduction Rosemarie Tong Westview Press 1989 In this survey of feminist theory, Rosemarie Tong provides coverage of the psychoanalytic, existential and postmodern schools of feminism. The author guides the reader through the complexities of even the most notoriously difficult thinkers. Students will meet and become familiar with many of the essential figures…

Radical Religion Theory

Beyond God the Father: Toward a Philosophy of Women’s Liberation

Beyond God the Father: Toward aPhilosophy of Women’s Liberation Mary Daly Beacon Press 1973 This book is in a real sense a sequel to The Church and the Second Sex, published in the late sixties, just before the contemporary tide of women’s liberation writings burst forth. The earlier book manifested some of the anger and ebullient…

History Radical Theory

Daring to Be Bad: Radical Feminism in America, 1967-1975

Daring to Be Bad: RadicalFeminism in America, 1967-1975 Alice Echols University of Minnesota Press 1989 From the late 1960s to the early 1970s, radical feminism was the most dynamic force within the women’s movement. Yet, in the more than twenty years since the emergence of contemporary feminism, there has been no book-length study of this…