Difference: Writings by Women

Difference: Writings by WomenSusan HawthorneWaterloo Press1985

This anthology reflects the diversity of women’s experience. Published to mark the Women 150 Writers Week held in Melbourne during September 1985, the women writers represented in this anthology include Aboriginal women, migrant women from Europe and Asia, those whose works represent class struggles, and lesbian women. Both internationally known and unpublished writers have contributed to the anthology, which presents difference not as a source of weakness, but as a source of strength.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: The Silver Jubilee / Uyen Loewald
Chapter 2: Protection “In the days when our land and our people were free” / Eva Johnson
Chapter 3: White Justification – My Interpretation / Eva Johnson
Chapter 4: Differences “We’ve all come from the same places” / Eva Johnson
Chapter 5: Spirit Belong Mother A Letter to My Mother “I not see you long time now” / Eva Johnson
Chapter 6: Remember? “Born by river” / Eva Johnson
Chapter 7: The Well-Bred Thief / Elizabeth Jolley
Chapter 8: Fairytale “once upon a time there was a king he had three daughters one was very” / Ania Walwicz
Chapter 9: The New Diplomacy “A diplomat is a spy” / Elizabeth Ward
Chapter 10: Making Our Selves / Elizabeth Ward
Chapter 11: Desert Refrain / Elizabeth Ward
Chapter 12: Nether-Wells “I slip into nether-wells with you:” / Elizabeth Ward
Chapter 13: Two Grandmothers / Jenny Pausacker
Chapter 14: Odile / Raphaelle Pomian