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Feminist Literary Criticism: Explorations in Theory

Feminist Literary Criticism:
Explorations in Theory
Josephine Donovan (ed)The University Press
of Kentucky

This collection of five incisive essays by noted feminist writers provides an overview of the existing body of feminist literary criticism, promotes an understanding of the issues feminist critics are currently discussing among themselves and with other critics, and proposes a theoretical framework for understanding this new critical direction. This collection is the first to deal exclusively with certain theoretical questions being raised about literature by feminists; as such, it establishes a point of departure for further development of feminist critical theory.

Feminist Literary Criticism is addressed both to the practicing feminist critic and to the neophyte. . . . It is at once exhilarating and cautionary, combining great promise with many warnings.


Table of Contents

American Feminist Literary Criticism: A Bibliographical Introduction / Cheri Register
Subjectivities: A Theory of the Critical Process / Dorin Schumacher
Consciousness and Authenticity: Toward a Feminist Aesthetic / Marcia Holly
Virginia Woolf’s Criticism: A Polemical Preface / Barbara Currier Bell and Carol Ohmann
Theories of Feminist Criticism: A Dialogue / Carolyn Heilbrun and Catharine Stimpson
Afterword: Critical Re-Vision / Josephine Donovan