Lesbian Philosophy

Lesbian Philosophy: Explorations

Lesbian Philosophy: ExplorationsJeffner AllenInstitute of Lesbian Studies1986

From the Preface: Lesbian Philosophy evokes the intensity of lesbian passions, which jolt the patriarchal order. My desire to know the worlds of my experience breaks with their more than two thousand year absence in Western philosophy. In the sensuous ambience of a new exuberance, I find my lively subjectivity, which when cultivated with tenderness, moves toward a knowledge so vivid it can be touched.

The fiercely Amazon sentiment of these explorations is close to my heart. I choose to exercise a lesbian violence that uproots the dictates of heterosexual virtue. I am not wo-man, the counterpart of men. I will not be the maker of objects and ideas that are in the service of men. I gather myself in a time, space, and history that are shaped by the events of my life.

Table of Contents

Remembering: A Time I will Be My Own Beginning
Looking at Our Blood: A Lesbian Response to Men’s Terrorization of Women
Motherhood: The Annihilation of Women
The Naming of Difference: Truth and Female Friendship