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Pure Lust: Elemental Feminist Philosophy

Pure Lust: Elemental Feminist
Mary DalyBeacon Press1984

From the Introduction: Pure Lust is double-sided. On the one side, it Names the deadly dis-passion that prevails in patriarchy – the life-hating lechery that rapes and kills the objects of its obsession/aggression…[On the other] it means ‘an intense longing…EAGERNESS, ENTHUSIASM’. Primarily, then, Pure Lust Names the high humor, hope, and cosmic accord/harmony of those women who choose to escape, to follow our hearts’ deepest desire and bound out of the State of Bondage, Wanderlusting and Wonderlusting with the elements, connecting with auras of animals and plants, moving in planetary communion with the farthest stars. This Lust is in its essence astral. It is pure Passion: unadulterated, absolute, simple sheer striving for abundance of be-ing.

Illustration by Emily Oddwoman

To the Spirit
who lives and breathes
in all Elemental be-ing

To the Lady of Words of Power
who communicates herSelf
through the inadequate images –
from Isis and Ishtar
to Our Lady of Bourguillon

To the Muse
in Metamorphosing women
whose Presence inspires the Realizing
of our own powers of creation
finally, now, and always

Pure Lust, front matter

Table of Contents

Introduction: On Lust and the Lusty

The First Realm: Archespheres
Chapter One: Foreground to the First Realm: The Sadosociety and its Sadospiritual Legitimations
Chapter Two: Beyond the Sado-Sublime: Exorcising Archetypes, Evoking the Archimage
Chapter Three: Beyond Sado-Sublimation: Real Presence
Chapter Four: Beyond Sado-Sublimation: Realizing Elemental Potency

The Second Realm: Pyrospheres
Chapter Five: Foreground to the Second Realm: Plastic and Potted Passions and Virtues
Chapter Six: Elemental E-motion: From Touchable Caste to Raging Race
Chapter Seven: Breaking Out: Volcanic Virtues
Chapter Eight: Tidy Demons, Tidal Muses

The Third Realm: Metamorphospheres
Chapter Nine: Foreground to the Third Realm: Breakthrough to Metamorphospheres
Chapter Ten: Be-Longing: The Lust for Happiness
Chapter Eleven: Be-Friending: The Lust to Share Happiness
Chapter Twelve: Be-Witching: The Lust for Metamorphosis
Nonchapter Thirteen: Cat/egorical Appendix