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Living by the Pen: Early British Women Writers

Living by the Pen: Early British Women WritersDale SpenderTeachers College Press1992

Living By The Pen reclaims the literary heritage of early British women writers from the predominantly male tradition. The contributors include some of the most renowned researchers and writers in this are. Together they provide accessible and useful background material on the women, the writing, and the period. Their work is an important corrective to the depiction of eighteenth- and nineteenth-century women writers as amateurs and dilettantes, for it details how these women earned their living from writing, supporting both themselves and their families. This thought-provoking collection will be indispensable to literary scholars and a welcome addition to undergraduate and graduate courses in literature, women’s history, and women’s studies.

Table of Contents

Part One: The Women
1. A Vindication of the Writing Woman / Dale Spender
2. Aphra Behn’s Oroonoko: the Politics of Gender, Race, and Class / Heidi Hutner
3. Preparatives to Love: Seduction as Fiction in the Works of Eliza Haywood / Ros Ballaster
4. Sarah Fielding’s Self-Destructing Utopia: The Adventures of David Simple / Carolyn Woodward
5. Elizabeth Inchbald: Not Such a Simple Story / Katharine M. Rogers
6. Charlotte Smith’s Feminism: a Study of Emmeline and Desmond / Pat Elliott
7. Charlotte Lennox’s The Female Quixote: a Novel Interrogation / Helen Thomson
8. Fanny Burney: the tactics of subversion / Judy Simons
9. Daddy’s Girl as Motherless Child: Maria Edgeworth and Maternal Romance: an Essay in Reassessment / Mitzi Myers
10. Joanna Baillie and Mary Brunton: Women of the Manse / Mary McKerrow

Part Two: The Issues
11. “The Witchery of Fiction”: Charlotte Smith, Novelist / Mary Anne Schofield
12. Romancing the Novel: Gender and Genre in Early Theories of Narrative / Ros Ballaster
13. “Of Use to Her Daughter”: Maternal Authority and Early Women Novelists / Jane Spencer
14. Violence Against Women in the Novels of Early British Women Writers / Katherine Anne Ackley

Part Three: The Achievements
15. The Triumph of the Form / Rosalind Miles
16. Afterword: the Wages of Writing / Dale Spender