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The Knowledge Explosion: Generations of Feminist Scholarship

The Knowledge Explosion: Generations of Feminist ScholarshipDale Spender and Cheris KramaraeTeachers College Press1992

The Knowledge Explosion documents the problems and possibilities for women’s studies, and exposes the resistance to women’s initiatives, authority and autonomy. Contributors offer insights into debates surrounding the nature of knowledge, the multiple realities of female experience, dominance and the politics of research.

Table of Contents

Exploding Knowledge / Cheris Kramarae, Dale Spender

Part I: Disciplines
1. Feminism and Medicine: Co-optation or Cooperation? / Joan M. Altekruse, Sue V. Rosser
2. Physics and Mathematics, Reality and Language: Dilemmas for Feminists / Robyn Arianrhod
3. Women’s Experiential Approaches to Peace Studies / Elise Boulding
4. Black Studies Transformed: A Consideration of Gender, Feminism, and Black Women’s Studies Rose / M. Brewer
5. Post-Tweeds, Pipes, and Textosterone: Perspectives on Feminism, Literary Studies, and the Academy / Mary Ellen S. Capek
6. Feminists – Sojourners in the Field of Religious Studies / Carol P. Christ
7. Cooking Up Cultural Studies / Jennifer Craik
8. Toward a Multicentered Women’s Studies in the 1990s / Patricia Cramer, Ann Russo
9. Women, Culture, and Society Revisited: Feminist Anthropology for the 1990s / Micaela di Leonardo
10. The Body Philosophical / Marilyn Frye
11. Feminism and Engineering: The Inroads / H. Patricia Hynes
12. Political Science – Whose Common Good? / Jane S. Jaquette
13. Women’s History, Gender History, and Feminist Politics / Jane Lewis
14. The Impact of Feminism on the Natural Sciences / Marian Lowe
15. Nursing and Feminism: Caring and Curing / Joan E. Mulligan
16. Exercise and Sport Studies: Toward a Fit, Informed, and Joyful Embodiment of Feminism / Carole A. Oglesby, Christine M. Shelton
17. What’s a Nice Feminist Like You Doing in Journalism and Mass Communication? / Lana F. Rakow
18. Women and the Law / Jocelynne A. Scutt
19. Women Deserve Spatial Consideration (or, Geography Like No One Ever Learned in School) / Joni Seager
20. Women’s Studies for a “Women’s” Profession: Theory and Practice in Library Science / Susan E. Searing
21. The Entry of Women to the Education of Men / Dale Spender
22. The Impact of Feminism on Sociology in the Last 20 Years / Liz Stanley
23. Home Economics: Feminism in a Hestian Voice / Patricia J. Thompson
24. Women and Language: From Sex Differences to Power Dynamics / Lourdes Torres
25. Psychology and Feminism / Mary Roth Walsh
26. Economics / Marilyn J. Waring
27. Designing Differences: Women and Architecture / Leslie Kanes Weisman
28. Noise Makers, Sound Breakers: Music and Musicology in the United States / Elizabeth Wood

Part II: Debates
29. The Personal Cost of the Feminist Knowledge Explosion / Susan S. Arpad
30. To Acknowledge and to Heal: 20 Years of Feminist Thought and Activism on Sexual Violence / Jane Caputi
31. Originality and Creativity: Rituals of Inclusion and Exclusion / Berenice A. Carroll
32. Where Is Women’s Knowledge in the Age of Information? / Suzanne K. Damarin
33. Ecofeminist Politics: The Promise of Common Ground / Irene Diamond
34. Pornography Unmodified / Susanne Kappeler
35. Reproductive Technology, Genetic Engineering, and Woman Hating / Renate Klein
36. The Condition of Patriarchy / Cheris Kramarae
37. Sisterhood and Friendship as Feminist Models / Maria C. Lugones, Pat Alake Rosezelle
38. Agency–Who Is to Blame? / Barbara Pope
39. The Principles of Feminist Research: A Matter of Debate / Shulamit Reinharz
40. A Good Man is Hard to Find: Reflections on Men’s Studies / Lillian S. Robinson
41. Unruly Women: Deconstructing Development Practices / Claudia Salazar
42. Do Mothers Invent? The Feminist Debate in the History of Technology / Autumn Stanley
43. Reframing the Revisions: Inclusive Thinking for Family Sociology / Maine Baca Zinn
44. The Future of Feminist Sex Inquiry / Jacquelyn N. Zita