Pornography Violence

Take Back the Night: Women on Pornography

Take Back the Night: Women on PornographyLaura LedererHarperCollins1980

A collection of articles by women concerning the dangers of pornography and exploring the issue of limiting those dangers without violating the right to freedom of speech.

Selected chapters available to read here.

Table of Contents

1. Questions We Get Asked Most Often / Diana E.H. Russell with Laura Lederer

2. Excerpt on Pornography from Against Our Will: Men, Women and Rape / Susan Brownmiller

3. Erotica and Pornography: A Clear and Present Difference / Gloria Steinem

4. Pornography, Oppression, And Freedom: A Closer Look / Helen E. Longino

5. An Interview with A Former Pornography Model / Laura Lederer

6. Child Pornography / Florence Rush

7. Testimony Against Pornography: Witness from Denmark / edited by Diana E.H. Russell

8. Pornography in Sweden: A Feminist’s Perspective, An Interview with Britta Stovling

9. Lesbianism and Erotica in Pornographic America / Charlotte Bunch

10. Coming Apart / Alice Walker

11. Racism in Pornography and The Women’s Movement / Tracey A. Gardner

12. A Quiet Subversion / Luisah Teish

13. “Playboy Isn’t Playing”, An Interview with Judith Bat-Ada

14. Theory and Practice: Pornography and Rape / Robin Morgan

15. Sadism and Catharsis: The Treatment Is the Disease / Susan Griffin

16. Why So-Called Radical Men Love and Need Pornography / Andrea Dworkin

17. Men and Pornography: Why They Use It / Phyllis Chesler

18. Pornography and The Dread of Women: The Male Sexual Dilemma / Susan Lurie

19. The Propaganda of Misogyny / Beverly Labelle

20. A Little Knowledge / Ann Jones

21. Pornography and Repression: A Reconsideration Of “Who” And “What” / Irene Diamond

22. Dirty Books, Dirty Films, And Dirty Data / Pauline B. Bart And Margaret Jozsa

23. Pornography and Violence: What Does the New Research Say? / Diana E.H. Russell

24. Pornography and The First Amendment: Prior Restraints and Private Action / Wendy Kaminer

25. A Political-Legal Analysis of Pornography / Robin Yeamans

26. Let’s Put Pornography Back in The Closet / Susan Brownmiller

27. For Men, Freedom of Speech; For Women, Silence Please / Andrea Dworkin

28. “We Sisters Join Together …” / Megan Boler, Robin Lake, And Bridget Wynne

29. “Women Have Seized the Executive Offices of Grove Press Because …” / Laura Lederer

30. Snuff

31. The Ultimate in Woman-Hating / Beverly Labelle

32. Fighting Pornography / Martha Gever And Marg Hall

33. Pornography and Grief / Andrea Dworkin

34. Uses of The Erotic: The Erotic as Power / Audre Lorde

35. Pornography and The Women’s Liberation Movement / Diana E.H. Russell

36. Beyond Pornography: From Defensive Politics to Creating A Vision / Kathleen Barry

Shamim Meer (1988) “Take Back the Night-Women on Pornography”, Agenda, 2:2, 87-93, DOI: 10.1080/10130950.1988.9675023