The Politics of Women’s Spirituality

The Politics of Women’s SpiritualityCharlene SpretnakAnchor Press1982

This feminist classic presents a chorus of voices exploring their authentic spirituality. The essays are active rather than reactive, revolutionary rather than reformist, and express a broad political awareness. Rather than codifying a religion exclusively for women, the authors address a range of contemporary issues that are informed by spirituality, our attitude toward life on Earth.

Charlene Spretnak has gathered feminist thinkers who have evolved a spirituality that is informed by their politics and that informs their progress toward social change. Such feminist writing provides important alternative visions of spirit and power.

Valerie Miner, Los Angeles Times

Table of Contents


Part One:
Discovering a History of Power
What the Goddess Means to Women
Mythic Heras as Models of Strength and Wisdom

Part Two:
Manifesting Personal Power
Self-Images of Strength and Wholeness

Part Three:
Transforming the Political
The Unity of Politics and Spirituality
Applications of Spirituality as a Political Force

Afterword: Feminist Politics and the Nature of Mind