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Weaving the Visions: New Patterns in Feminist Spirituality

Weaving the Visions: New
Patterns in Feminist Spirituality
Judith Plaskow and
Carol Christ

In this sequel to Womanspirit Rising, Judith Plaskow and Carol Christ have selected key writings in feminist spirituality, focusing on constructive elements in the feminist approach to religion in North America and the great diversity of women’s experience. The writings presented here deal with a reconceptualization of the central religious categories of theology through a wide range of voices and traditions. Contributors are white, black, Chicana, Asian American, and Native American, and represent Jewish, Christian, Goddess, Native American, Yoruba, Voudou, and other perspectives.

“Feminist too often have avoided and denied [our] differences,” write the editors, “but difference is the source of our creativity, the ‘raw and powerful’ connection from which our personal power is forged.”

Table of Contents

Part 1: Our Heritage is Our Power
Grandmother of the sun / Paula Gunn Allen
In search of women’s heritage / Elisabeth Schüssler Fiorenza
Jewish memory from a feminist perspective / Judith Plaskow
My sister, my spouse / E. Ann Matter
Women and culture in goddess-oriented Old Europe / Marija Gimbutas
The myth of Demeter and Persephone / Charlene Spretnak
Entering the serpent / Gloria Anzaldúa
Ancestor reverence / Luisah Teish

Part 2: Naming the Sacred
God is inside you and inside everybody else / Alice Walker
This earth is my sister / Susan Griffin
The goddess as metaphoric image / Nelle Morton
Artemis / Christine Downing
Notes on composing new blessings / Marcia Falk
God as mother / Sallie McFague
Sexism and God-language / Rosemary Radford Ruether
Selections from The inclusive language lectionary

Part 3: Self in Relation
Womanist theology / Delores S. Williams
Creating a Jewish feminist theology / Ellen M. Umansky
Be-friending / Mary Daly
Uses of the erotic / Audre Lorde
The power of anger in the work of love / Beverly Wildung Harrison
Women’s leadership in Haitian vodou / Karen McCarthy Brown
On mirrors, mists, and murmurs / Rita Nakashima Brock
Archetypal theory and the separation of mind and body / Naomi R. Goldenberg
Feminism and the ethic of inseparability / Catherine Keller

Part 4: Transforming the World
Renewing the sacred hoop / Dhyani Ywahoo
Moral wisdom in the Black women’s literary tradition / Katie Geneva Cannon
Sexuality, love, and justice / Carter Heyward
Every two minutes: battered women and feminist interpretation / Susan Brooks Thistlethwaite
Rethinking theology and nature / Carol P. Christ
Ritual as bonding / Starhawk
Ideology and social change / Sharon Welch
New world tribal communities / Carol Lee Sanchez