Wildfire: Igniting the She/Volution

Wildfire: Igniting the She/VolutionSonia JohnsonWildfire Books1989

Wildfire by Sonia Johnson designs a feminist anarchy, a woman-created social, spiritual, and economic order, at once both exquisitely wild and wise.

From Batya Weinbaum’s review in NWSA Journal: Sonia Johnson’s Wildfire teaches that the messianic era (for us, feminist revolution and transformation) is not somewhere out there but right in the world today, made of present-day experience. The struggle is right there in the here and now, personally – and in solidarity with others for a free society, free of domination and oppression. Wildfire is self-published, she says in the preface, because the book is about learning how to get free. The guiding principles of her life, “the means are the ends,” has taught her, she writes, “that our participation in a currently corrupt system facilitates it and corrupts us and therefore defeats us.”

Table of Contents

Part 1: Up Off Our Knees
Chapter 1: Who’s Afraid of the Supreme Court?
Chapter 2: A Better Today
Chapter 3: The Great Divorce

Part 2: Challenging Our Assumptions
Chapter 4: The Women in Power and Other News
Chapter 5: Oldspapers and The Evening Olds
Chapter 6: Just/Us and Hequality
Chapter 7: The Otters of the Universe
Chapter 8: The Past Age Movement
Chapter 9: The Stars Made Me Do It
Chapter 10: Twelve Steps Into the Fog
Chapter 11: We Are Not Sick!
Chapter 12: The Scarlet O’Hara School of Social Change
Chapter 13: Motherhood: The Last Taboo
Chapter 14: The Diabolical Time Clock
Chapter 15: Rearing Nice Sons: Can’t Change the World
Chapter 16: Hey, You Gynes!
Chapter 17: Gay Rights and AIDS: Men’s Issues Sidetracking Feminism Again
Chapter 18: She/Volutionizing “Process”
Chapter 19: Escape from the Semi/Versity

Part 3: Women’s Abundant Universe
Chapter 20: Lilies of the Field
Chapter 21: Dancing in Our Paradigm Shifts