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Going Out of Our Minds: The Metaphysics of Liberation

Going Out of Our Minds: The Metaphysics of LiberationSonia JohnsonThe Crossing Press1987

This book chronicles Sonia Johnson’s external political journeys and her internal transformations – and the vital connection between. She details the personal and political experiences that turned her against the state, including her run for the Presidency. In the book she rejects the Equal Rights Amendment, the Supreme Court’s Roe v. Wade decision, equal opportunity laws, and other government benefits because she considers them cooptation by patriarchy.

Sonia Johnson is a radical feminist speaker and writer. Her first book, From Housewife to Heretic, about her excommunication from the Mormon church for “uppityness” (in a word), was published by Doubleday in 1981. Since the excommunication in 1979, she has been speaking professionally at colleges and universities and for a wide variety of organizations and groups.

I swear that what we need to do most is that which scares us most and seems to be just the opposite of what we should do: WE MUST TAKE OUR EYES OFF THE GUYS!

Sonia Johnson, Out of Our Minds, 339.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Suddenly She Realized
Chapter 2: Aerobic Politics
Chapter 3: Women Against Women
Chapter 4: “They Need to Lose Weight Anyway!”
Chapter 5: High Treason
Chapter 6: The Think Tank
Chapter 7: Experimenting with our Large and Coherent Motion in Time
Chapter 8: Drowning in the Mainstream
Chapter 9: “Now, If I Were President…”
Chapter 10: Telling the Truth
Chapter 11: Listen to Women for a Change
Chapter 12: Leaping Over the Barriers
Chapter 13: Going Out of Our Minds