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Women, Resistance and Revolution

Women, Resistance and
Sheila RowbothamPenguin Books1972

In women, Resistance and Revolution Sheila Rowbotham has produced a wide-ranging survey of the roots of inequality and of the long but sporadic struggle to overcome it. Her narrative extends from the seventeenth century to present-day Vietnam, showing how certain women have struggled, in both revolutionary and repressive situations, to achieve liberation. Revolutionary thought has been slow to accept the validity of feminism, regarding it as a limiting and reformist movement which can only distract from the main area of struggle. Sheila Rowbotham here forces a re-evaluation of the relationship between women’s liberation and the revolutionary left. Her book is one in which, as she says, “feminism and Marxism come home to roost. They cohabit in the same space somewhat uneasily… They are are once incompatible and in real need of each other.”

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Impudent Lasses
Chapter 2: Utopian Proposals
Chapter 3: Dialectical Disturbances
Chapter 4: Dreams and Dilemmas
Chapter 5: Bread and Roses
Chapter 6: If You Like Tobogganing
Chapter 7: When the Sand-Grouse Flies to Heaven
Chapter 8: Colony Within the Colony