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Women Making Meaning: New Feminist Directions in Communication

Women Making Meaning: NewFeminist Directions inCommunication Lana F. Rakow (ed) Routledge 1992 Lana Rakow’s timely book assesses some of the many themes and issues raised by feminist scholarship in the field of communication since the mid-1980s. The title has a dual purpose: to show how women have been “active participants in naming the world and…

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Technology and Women’s Voices: Keeping in Touch

Technology and Women’s Voices:Keeping in Touch Cheris Kramarae (ed) Routledge & KeganPaul 1988 I feel like asking my boss, “What do you think I am – an extension of the machine?” Clerical worker quoted in Race Against Time When we put women at the centre of discussion of technological processes, male biases and ideologies become…