Nattering on the Net: Women, Power, and Cyberspace

Nattering on the Net: Women, Power, and Cyberspace Dale Spender Spinifex 1995 Multimedia, the information superhighway and the Internet have changed our world almost beyond recognition. Electronic networks have revolutionized the human relationship to time and space, and have undermined national boundaries. But what of class, race and gender boundaries? Is it true that women…

Communication Technology

Technology and Women’s Voices: Keeping in Touch

Technology and Women’s Voices:Keeping in Touch Cheris Kramarae (ed) Routledge & KeganPaul 1988 I feel like asking my boss, “What do you think I am – an extension of the machine?” Clerical worker quoted in Race Against Time When we put women at the centre of discussion of technological processes, male biases and ideologies become…