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Surpassing the Love of Men

Surpassing the Love of Men Lillian Faderman William Morrow & Company 1981 Faderman takes a look at the traditional view of lesbianism, drawing on love letters, trial records, pornography and the ‘experts’ proclamations, and shows how shifting theories of female sexuality makes some things acceptable and others taboo. Surpassing the Love of Men is an…

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Out On The Plain

Out On The Plain Frankie Finn The Women’s Press 1984 Out On The Plain concerns the developing links between four women: Rebecca, a painter; Jane, a patient in a mental hospital; Helen, a university student; and Elsie, the woman who cleans her campus room. The women meet and come together, not so much in the…

Friendship History

A Passion for Friends: Toward a Philosophy of Female Affection

A Passion for Friends: Towards aPhilosophy of Female Affection Janice G. Raymond Beacon Press 1986 The ancient Greek philosophers believed that politics was the business of friends. Aristotle wrote that friendship glued states together and cemented political alliances. However, the citizens of the Greek city-states were exclusively male and these political theories were based upon…