Literature Research Theory

Beyond Feminist Aesthetics: Feminist Literature and Social Change

Beyond Feminist Aesthetics: FeministLiterature and Social Change Rita Felski Hardvard University Press 1989 This book has a dual focus. First, Rita Felski gives a critical account of current American and European feminist literary theory, and second, she offers an analysis of contemporary fiction by women in order to show that this literature raises questions for…

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Breaking Out Again: Feminist Ontology and Epistemology

Breaking Out Again: Feminist Ontologyand Epistemology Liz Stanley, Sue Wise Routledge Londonand New York 1983 From the introduction: Breaking Out explores feminist research and feminist consciousness, specifically around the topic of methodology and its relationship to the production of feminist knowledge about the world. In the late 1970s the term ‘methodology’ was used rather differently…