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Feminist Philosophies

Feminist PhilosophiesJanet A. Kourany,
James P. Sterba,
Rosemarie Tong (eds)
Prentice Hall1992

This anthology of 40 readings is the only one of its kind to combine an extensive discussion of the major problems confronting women with an in-depth analysis of the alternative theoretical and practical means for resolving these issues.

It includes race-based critiques as a means of promoting a truly multicultural feminism. It also provides suggestions on further reading in each section. The second edition of Feminist Philosophies has been revised to include updated readings covering issues such as date rape, sexual harassment, and new reproductive technologies. Adds new sections on Cultural Feminism and Ecological Feminism as well as more accessible sections on Liberal Feminism and Marxist/Socialist Feminism. Incorporates a Cultural Invisibility section critiquing contemporary culture. Finally, addresses men’s responses to feminism and related men’s movements as a means of promoting gender-inclusive feminism. An essential resource for every reader interested in this perspective of the relationship between women and men.

Table of Contents

Part One: Being A Woman: Problems of Gender Inequality

Sex-role Socialization
… Gender Socialization / Clair Renzetti and Daniel Curran
… “X”: A Fabulous Child’s Story / Lois Gould
… “Pricks” and “Chicks”: A Plea for “Persons” / Robert Baker
… Sexual Terrorism / Carole Sheffield
… The Lesbian Perspective / Julia Penelope
… Women and Reproduction / Rachel Hold and Cory Richards
… Abortion: Is a Woman a Person? / Ellen Willis
… Claiming All of Our Bodies: Reproductive Rights and Disability / Anne Finger
… Selling Babies and Selling Bodies / Sara Ann Ketchum
… Foucault, Femininity, and the Modernization of Patriarchal Power / Sandra Bartky
… Mammies, Matriarchs, and Other Controlling Images / Patricia Hill Collins
… The Women in the Tower / Cynthia Rich
The World of Work
… Women Wage Earners / Marie Richmond-Abbott
… Professional Women: How Real Are the Recent Gains? / Debra Renee Kaufman
… Women and Creativity / Simone de Beauvoir
… The Job of Housewife / Barbara Bergmann
The Domestic Scene
… Anger and Tenderness / Adrienne Rich
… The Divorce Law Revolution and the Transformation of Legal Marriage / Lenore Weitzman
… The Feminization of Poverty / Diana Pearce
Cultural Invisibility
… Dancing Through the Minefield: Some Observations on the Theory, Practice, and Politics of a Feminist Literary Criticism / Annette Kolodny
… Women in History: The Modern Period / Joan Scott
… The Feminist Critique in Religious Studies / Rosemary Radford Ruether
… Re-visioning Clinical Research: Gender and the Ethics of Experimental Design / Sue V. Rosser

Part Two: Feminist Theories and Applications: Explaining the Present and Changing the Future

Liberal Feminism
… The Subjection of Women / John Stuart Mill
… Address before the U.S. Senate Committee on Woman Suffrage / Elizabeth Cady Stanton
… Feminist Justice and the Family / James P. Sterba
… Outrageous Acts and Everyday Rebellions / Gloria Steinem
Radical Feminism
… The Dialectic of Sex / Shulamith Firestone
… Some Relfections on Separatism and Power / Marilyn Frye
… Pornography, Civil Rights, and Speech / Catharine MacKinnon
Psychoanalytic Feminism
… Family Structure and Feminine Personality / Nancy Chodorow
… Gender in the Context of Race and Class: Notes on Nancy Chodorow’s “Reproduction of Mothering” / Elizabeth V. Spelman
Marxist/Socialist Feminism
… The Origin of the Family, Private Property, and the State / Friedrich Engels
… The Unhappy Marriage of Marxism and Feminism: Towards a More Progressive Union / Heidi Hartmann
… Comparable Worth, Incomparable Pay / Teresa Amott and Julie Mattaei
Postmodern Feminism
… Woman’s World / Annie Leclerc
… Sorties / Hélène Cixous
… Questions / Luce Irigaray

Methodological Postscripts
… Have We Got a Theory for You! Feminist Theory, Cultural Imperialism, and the Demand for “The Woman’s Voice” / Maria Lugones and Elizabeth Spelman
… Sisterhood: Political Solidarity between Women / Bell Hooks