Nattering on the Net: Women, Power, and Cyberspace

Nattering on the Net: Women,
Power, and Cyberspace
Dale SpenderSpinifex1995

Multimedia, the information superhighway and the Internet have changed our world almost beyond recognition. Electronic networks have revolutionized the human relationship to time and space, and have undermined national boundaries. But what of class, race and gender boundaries?

Is it true that women use technology, but men fall in love with it?

Dale Spender promises to change the way we think about computers. She reveals that men are writing the road rules for the information superhighway subjecting women to new forms of sexual harassment and even data rape. Violence on the Internet is an all-too-common event in virtual reality. These are some of the problems raised by the new technologies, but Dale Spender is also excited about the possibilities of the new media. She asks, will the Internet create virtual sisterhood?

Nattering on the Net is the result of many years’ research during which the author made the transition from books to the Internet. She conveys her sheer delight cruising the Web and satisfying her unquenchable curiosity. She argues that it is creating unimaginable opportunities in the areas of education and authorship; the question is: can we use it for good?

Table of Contents

1: Print
… Monks and Manuscripts
… Professional, White, Male Standard
… Spelling It Out
… The Glory of Grammar
… He/Man Hoax
… Dictionary Distortions
2: The Claims of Literature
… Exploding the Canon
… Rules of the Game
… Downfall and Dirty Tricks
3: Readers
… The Professional Reader
… The Growth of the Reading Public
… Literary Crisis
… Books
4: Authors
…The Birth of the Author
… The Death of the Author
5: Education
… From Factory Model to Cyberspace
… Schools
… Electronic Scholarship
… Universities
6: Libraries
… Public or Profit?
… Indexing
7: Women, Power and Cyberspace
… Been There, Done That!
… The Gender Gap
… Male Menace on the Superhighway
… What’s Good for the Goose Doesn’t Apply to the Gander
… Women’s Way
8: Conclusion