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Inland Passage

Inland Passage Jane Rule the Naiad Press 1985 Why does Dulce have so profound an impact on the artistic lives around her? A lesbian has ended her conventional marriage and is free – or is she? In the most traditional of romantic settings, on board a ship that travels the Inland Passage, two women discover…

History Lesbian Literature

Lesbian Images: Gertrude Stein, Colette, Willa Cather, Elizabeth Bowen, and others

Lesbian Images Jane Rule Doubleday & Company 1975 Believing that love is best described in a work of art, Jane Rule has chosen for this study of lesbianism the work of brilliantly articulate lesbian writers such as Gertrude Stein, Colette, Vita Sachville West and Willa Cather. Her concern is to discover what images of lesbians…