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Radical Feminism

Radical Feminism Anne Koedt, Ellen Levineand Anita Rapone Quadrangle Books 1973 An anthology of radical feminist writings from the current women’s movement. Forty-five articles ranging from the personal to the theoretical and drawn largely from the feminist annual notes. Read the book online through Feminist Reprise. Table of Contents I. Liberating History… The First Feminists…

Politics Radical Theory

Love and Politics: Radical Feminist and Lesbian Theories

Love and Politics: Radical Feministand Lesbian Theories Carol Anne Douglas Pergamon Press 1988 Critical survey of radical and lesbian feminist ideas from the 1960s through the 1980s. Carol Anne Douglas examines diverse theories on the roots of male domination; love and sexuality; lesbianism and friendship between women; lesbian separatism; sadomasochism; strategy and tactics for women’s…

Radical Sexuality

The Myth of the Vaginal Orgasm

The Myth of the Vaginal Orgasm Anne Koedt New England Free Press 1970 From Wikipedia: The Myth of the Vaginal Orgasm is a feminist essay on women’s sexuality, written by Anne Koedt, an American radical feminist, in 1968 and published in 1970. It first appeared in a four-paragraph outline form in the Notes from the…

Radical Religion Theory

Beyond God the Father: Toward a Philosophy of Women’s Liberation

Beyond God the Father: Toward aPhilosophy of Women’s Liberation Mary Daly Beacon Press 1973 This book is in a real sense a sequel to The Church and the Second Sex, published in the late sixties, just before the contemporary tide of women’s liberation writings burst forth. The earlier book manifested some of the anger and ebullient…

History Radical Sexuality

Anticlimax: A Feminist Perspective on the Sexual Revolution

Anticlimax: A Feminist Perspectiveon the Sexual Revolution Sheila Jeffreys New York University Press 1990 The sexual revolution of the 1960’s and 1970’s is generally considered a time when the women’s movement made great strides. In this provocative book, Sheila Jeffreys argues that this much heralded sexual freedom did not constitute any real gain for women…

Guidelines Radical Violence

Radical Feminist Therapy: Working in the Context of Violence

Radical Feminist Therapy: Working in the Context of Violence Bonnie Burstow SAGE 1992 With an emphasis on violence against women and on women’s responses to it – such as depression, splitting and eating disturbances – this volume furthers the radicalization of feminist therapy. It serves as a comprehensive introduction for trainees and as an ongoing…

History Radical Sexuality

The Spinster and Her Enemies: Feminism and Sexuality 1880–1930

The Spinster and Her Enemies: Feminism and Sexuality 1880–1930 Sheila Jeffreys Pandora 1985 From Wikipedia: The Spinster and Her Enemies: Feminism and Sexuality 1880–1930 is a book by Sheila Jeffreys, in which the author examines feminist involvement in the Social Purity movement, and discusses the change in sexual attitudes that occurred in Britain in the…

Pornography Radical Violence

Against Sadomasochism: A Radical Feminist Analysis

Against Sadomasochism: ARadical Feminist Analysis Robin Ruth Linden, Darlene R. Pagano,Diana E. H. Russell and Susan Leigh Star Frog in the Well 1982 A 1982 radical feminist anthology edited by Robin Ruth Linden, Darlene R. Pagano, Diana E. H. Russell, and Susan Leigh Star. The essays in the book critique sadomasochism and BDSM from a…

History Radical Theory

Daring to Be Bad: Radical Feminism in America, 1967-1975

Daring to Be Bad: RadicalFeminism in America, 1967-1975 Alice Echols University of Minnesota Press 1989 From the late 1960s to the early 1970s, radical feminism was the most dynamic force within the women’s movement. Yet, in the more than twenty years since the emergence of contemporary feminism, there has been no book-length study of this…

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The Sexual Liberals and the Attack on Feminism

The Sexual Liberals and theAttack on Feminism Janice Raymond,Dorchen Leidholdt Pergamon Press 1990 This book brings together some important talks from the conference entitled “The Sexual Liberals and the Attack on Feminism” held at New York University Law School, April 4 1987. The conference was attended by over 800 women and was held against the backdrop…