Pornography Research Theory

The Pornography of Representation

The Pornography of RepresentationSusanne KappelerUniversity of
Minnesota Press

This book marks a radical and powerful intervention in traditional arguments about pornography. Kappeler re-examines the artistic distinctions between fantasy and reality, pornography and erotica, and challenges the legal definition of obscenity as well as the intellectual defence of ‘freedom of expression’. By linking images of actual violence with the imaginative portrayal of women in the realm of the aesthetic, she establishes vital connections between modes of representation and social forms of power and domination.

A sharp, smart, confrontational work… Strong and unafraid, it illuminates the meaning of pornography to women and exposes the intellectual corruption of those who defend it. As a critique of culture, it is outstanding.

Andrea Dworkin

Table of Contents

Problem 1: Fact and Fiction
Problem 2: Human Rights
Problem 3: Obscenity and Censorship
Problem 4: Porn vs Erotica
Problem 5: Subjects, Objects and Equal Opportunities
Problem 6: Why Look at Women?
Problem 7: Art and Pornography
Problem 8: The Literary and the Production of Value
Problem 9: The Book Business
Problem 10: Playing in the Literary Sanctuary
Problem 11: Collaboration
Problem 12: Communication
Problem 13: Sex/Sexuality
Practical Perspectives